by Mike McKeown Hello everyone. I hope you’re all doing well out there in internet-land. I wanted to come back around to the second installment of the pain series.   In  my Handling the Hurts article,  I addressed pain on a general level.  We talked a little about the different things that […]

The Surprising Effect of Emotional Pain

Stuff happens. Life can get ugly and, more often than not, it does. When things get rough, it usually catches us off guard too.  And honestly, despite what you might see from other people on social media, not many of us get to experience that picture (or selfie!) perfect life. […]

Handling the Hurts…

Hello everyone! I wrote this article for Signal Speakers, my agents, and thought I’d share it with you. I hope you enjoy! -Mike — With the arrival of every new year comes the possibility for each of us to make changes for the upcoming year. Most of us want to […]

Don’t Make Resolutions. Instead…

by Mike McKeown It’s probably not a surprise to you to realize that a good healthy sex life is important. In fact, it matters quite a lot! As boys, we grew up believing that we were supposed to be sexual experts. Which is funny since no one really wanted to […]

Can Married Guys Have Great Sex?

by Mike McKeown From time to time I may drift away from the usual deep thinking articles to talk about random things that I really enjoy. Recently, I learned about subscription boxes. Have you  heard of these things? (Probably – I’m not always up on the latest trends and this […]

Review: Harrison Blake Apparel Subscription Box

I love Christmas. It is one of my favorite times of the year. And though I am not normally the person you see watching those Hallmark Christmas Movies on a regular basis, I will admit that they aren’t a bad escape from the stresses of life when you can catch […]

It’s that Time Again – Christmas Movies are here