Review: Harrison Blake Apparel Subscription Box

by Mike McKeown

From time to time I may drift away from the usual deep thinking articles to talk about random things that I really enjoy. Recently, I learned about subscription boxes. Have you  heard of these things? (Probably – I’m not always up on the latest trends and this has been around for a while.) Subscription boxes allow you to pay a regular price every month and you get a box of goodies delivered to your home. It’s like Christmas once a month and I love Christmas so that works!

Now this review is, quite frankly, a little overdue. I ran into some health issues that stopped me from getting the review done right away. So I need to throw myself on Harrison Blake’s mercy for this overdue review.  That is who I received this fun subscription box from: Harrison Blake Apparel.

The package consisted of a plaid necktie, a pocket square, bracelet, lapel pin, tie bar, and an eletronics cord holder.

First the tie. The grey and burgundy plaid with a blue overstripe was really sharp and I could see it pulling an outfit together nicely.  And the wool makes it appropriate for colder weather as well which is perfect. (Especially when you live in Pennsylvania this time of  year!)  Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of slim ties.  They’ve never really been my style. This is probably my age showing through here though because my son on the other hand loved it. So the tie is a mixed sort of win in our house.

Next, let’s talk about the the pocket square.  This is a really great color and it complements the tie well. The two of these together can make for a really sharp look. I do have an issue with the size of the pocket sqare.  Now to be fair, pocket squares come in a variety of sizes. They can range anywhere from 10 x10 to 17 x 17.  Some are even larger.  I have found that the smaller squares tend to fall down into the pocket of the jacket and then, since no one can see them, they don’t serve their purpose.  So as nice as this one is, I prefer the larger size so it stays in place.

If you are curious about pocket squares, here’s a good video that speaks to some of the finer points. (Courtesy of

There. That’s probably more than  you ever wanted to know about pocket squares but there is some great information in there.

Now, the bracelet complimented the rest of the items in the box as well.  It is a very popular style right now and quite frankly, a few people in my house were arguing over who would get it. I’m not really a bracelet guy so I did pass that off to someone else. But again, I appreciated the thought and the way everything in the box coordinates nicely.

The lapel pin is like any other lapel pin. It appears to be made of sturdy material and will hold up well with daily use.  This is of course emblazoned with the Harrison Blake logo but it matches everything in the box, so that works!

The tiebar also appears rather sturdy and will stand up well to daily use. It is on the small side for holding slim ties, but as I mentioned above I’m not a big fan of slim ties, so take that as you will.

Finally, the electroics cord holder. This is pretty standard for cord holders and it’s a fun item to add into the box.

Overall , I was impressed with the products they included. Men’s style seems to be a diminishing interest these days and I appreciate any company that is working to get men looking nice. The Harrison Blake products are well made and while looking sharp, they should hold up nicely under regular wear and tear.  While this box contained products that seemed to be geared (in my opinion) towards younger men, I was still interested in everything in the box and would be curious to see what else Harrison Blake has to offer. If you visit their website you will see they have several different boxes to choose from. The bowtie box looked fabulous! Check them out and as everyone is looking for Christmas gifts right now, the Harrison Blake box would be a great gift for any fashion conscious man in your life.

Thank you to Harrison Blake for providing this box for review. The opinions are mine and mine alone and there was no expectation of a good review – they just wanted my opinion. So thank you again. 

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