By Mike McKeown As a therapist and life coach, of course I want to help couples keep things alive and adventurous in their marriages. For a variety of reasons, it’s not unusual for couples to have issues with this aspect of their marriage staying vibrant and fun.  It could be […]

Fifty Shades of Marriage

by Mike McKeown The latest installment of the blockbuster Fifty Shades series hit theaters over Valentine’s weekend. When the books and movies came out previously, I didn’t pay a lot of attention. But now, having seen the explosion of debate on the internet this time around, the therapist in me […]

Fifty Shades of…..?

by Mike McKeown Last time, we looked at the concept of moving towards pain and enduring it in order to get past it. I know this seems counterintuitive. Who wants to lean into the pain? But if you don’t, you will never get to the other side of it. Leaning […]

Take Action: How To Work Through the Pain

by Mike McKeown Hello everyone. I hope you’re all doing well out there in internet-land. I wanted to come back around to the second installment of the pain series.   In  my Handling the Hurts article,  I addressed pain on a general level.  We talked a little about the different things that […]

The Surprising Effect of Emotional Pain

Stuff happens. Life can get ugly and, more often than not, it does. When things get rough, it usually catches us off guard too.  And honestly, despite what you might see from other people on social media, not many of us get to experience that picture (or selfie!) perfect life. […]

Handling the Hurts…

Hello everyone! I wrote this article for Signal Speakers, my agents, and thought I’d share it with you. I hope you enjoy! -Mike — With the arrival of every new year comes the possibility for each of us to make changes for the upcoming year. Most of us want to […]

Don’t Make Resolutions. Instead…